About Us

India Venture Partnership is an alternative investment vehicle to the U.S. private equity, stock, and real estate markets. India’s young, massive middle class has the nation poised to become a global economic power. The combination of a one billion plus population, seven consecutive years of 7%+ GDP growth, an explosive information technology industry, and a conservative central banking policy has left India as a bright spot in the current world economy. The early stage market that we are targeting is currently underserved. IndiaVP managers are committed to identifying and mentoring growing early stage Indian companies to capitalize on this opportunity.

India Venture Partnership assists these entrepreneurs by helping to build the requisite legal, accounting, sales, operational support, and product development infrastructure in order to achieve forecasted growth and profitability. The primary sector targets are technology enabled product and services companies, including those in the IT, healthcare, and education fields. The Fund intends to focus on companies that have a scalable business model and low intellectual property (IP) risk, which need capital to grow to the next level. The Fund expects to achieve profitable exits primarily through acquisitions of its companies by US and global companies.

India Venture Partnership has a differentiated investment strategy that combines active management of portfolio companies and co-investing to minimize risk and optimize returns. The emphasis will be to invest in Indian companies producing products and services for the fast growing Indian market. IndiaVP’s managers use their experience and networks to identify proprietary deals with proven management teams targeting large growth markets. We manage risk by investing in a phased approach, taking active management control, and building co-investor syndicates with India based funds.

India Venture Partnership is managed by India Venture Partnership Management, a Mauritius GBL1 company formed by Kenneth Tighe, who has started, managed and successfully exited a number of companies, in both the U.S. and India.