Gensol Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Gensol Consultants Pvt. Ltd. founded in March 2007 is a 360 Carbon Solution Provider having expertise in generation, registration and trading of Certified as well as Verified Emission Reductions (CERs and VERs), better known as carbon credits. Alongside, Gensol has spread its area of expertise from providing consultancy for Clean Development
Mechanism (CDM) to financial advisory services for the setup and expansion of client infrastructure, thus providing them with a complete package to grow and benefit from our expertise and assistance.

IIMJobs.com is a job search portal that provides job-seekers with higher level job opportunities. It is focused mainly on manager and higher level positions in various verticals. Jobs are reviewed and curated before being posted on the site. Site also provides social features such as Jobs Feed to better engage job seekers and recruiters.

Simplilearn provides online and offline training programs for working professionals globally in management and process training segments such as PMP, CFA and others. Simplilearn technology allows for online classes mixed with regular classroom training. Simplilearn has developed original proprietary courseware that has been vendor certified that helps it to focus exclusively on professional development. The company is led by seasoned entrepreneur Mr. Krishna Kumar.

United Mobile Apps
United Mobile Apps is a mobile software development company that specializes in building connection manager software tools for mobile devices on the new LTE/4G networks.

Lemur IMS is a Revolutionary Inventory Management System that enables retailers to move slow-moving and aged inventory at the best possible prices and in the shortest amount of time. Lemur replaces the imprecise method of arbitrary mark-downs with a dynamic, customer-focused system. Developing a one-to-one relationship with customers and making intelligent discount adjustments based on available data it ensures velocity and profit. The unique data gathering tool also enables managers to have short, impactful interactions with their local customers.

Social Tables
Social Tables is a web-based event planning platform for large, seated events that incorporates social media data into the evening planning process.

CRISI Medical Systems
CRISI Medical Systems, Inc. (CRISI) is focused on the development of innovative drug-delivery systems. These systems are designed to improve clinical outcomes and lower healthcare costs by making the administration of intravenous (IV) injectable drugs safer, more accurate and more cost-effective.

Social Toaster
SocialToaster is a social marketing platform that engages supporters to promote your content directly to their social networks while driving website traffic and providing comprehensive reporting on the effectiveness of your efforts. Social Toaster is based in Baltimore, Maryland.

Red Quanta
RedQuanta is a mystery shopping audits company based out of Mumbai, India. It has a unique technology and data analytics driven approach to mystery shopping audits that let's clients get valuable insights into their business performance.

Ya Sabe, Inc. is the leading online search company that helps local businesses and National brands reach Hispanic consumers in the United States. Where ever Hispanics look online (web or mobile), YaSabe will play a role, either by providing the content, powering the actual search or by identifying the inventory that is available and facilitating its purchase. YaSabe.com is bi-lingual website (English and Spanish) tailored to be culturally relevant for the Hispanic community.

The Veenome API provides on-demand tagging, categorization and content moderation to create a more lucrative environment for advertisers, and do it at scale — processing tens of thousands of video per month that generate over 50 million video views and lifting CPM revenue for our customers by over 100%.

Covacsis – a company located in IIT Bombay – has developed a solution to help production department to achieve next order of improvement in production cost, quality and productivity.

The solution is designed to prepare organizations to address the future challenges of production floor. We foresee that production department is likely to play even more vital role – more strategic in nature in a mid to long term.

Consure Medical
Consure Medical has developed a new standard of care for the management of fecal incontinence in non-ambulatory patients. Consure's novel, disruptive technology will benefit more than 16 million patients in India and over 100 million patients worldwide. The company competes in the $7 Billion fecal incontinence market with a differentiated product that has patent protection in all key geographies.

Brazen Careerist
Brazen Careerist provides an online career center for young professionals that combine virtual recruiting events with online education and practical training to help young professionals discover their strengths, refine their skills, and find the right job. The company got started in 2008 as a "blog network," where young professionals could blog and network around career-related issues.

Spotflux is a New York City based start-up devoted to putting you first on the internet. Spotflux is working hard to create tools that work to protect your privacy and security while retaining full access to information regardless of your location. Spotflux officially launched in March 2012 at SXSW and has gotten significant traction since its launch.

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  • Market Size at a minimum of 50M USD
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